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Description: How to do it rapidly?

Postby mac23 » 02 Jan 2014, 22:57

What steps do I need to make for migration?
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Postby engineer » 06 Jan 2014, 23:03

First of all you should download JEDF Plugin for NetBeans and learn through quickstart.
As for the question: there is no such a thing as "choose Delphi project, then click a button and you'll get full-functional JEDF project" (at least not now :wink: ),
but rapid migration from Delphi is possible due to very similar way to access databases in Delphi and JEDF.
So, in Delphi we use TForm, to which we put TQuery with a query to db, link TQuery with TDataSource and then link TDataSource to Data-aware components such as TDBGrid, TDBEdit, etc.
In JEDF we use ShapeFrame, to which we put TableSource with a query and link TableSource to Data-aware components, such as JDFTable or link it to any component on the frame through BeansBinding mechanism.

P.S.: Visual editing of ShapeFrame in JEDF is done via NetBeans's JFrame visual designer, which is quite different from Delphi visual designer, but is really useful and provides quite the same functionality as Delphi Designer
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