Java Enterprise Development Framework

1. The story of creation

The Java Enterprise Developer Framework (JEDF) team welcomes you. We hope what we have done on the basis of our experience will be useful and effective solution for tasks which face Java developers.

1.1 Background: we are developers of large systems for big companies, usually industrial. We devoted to this work more than 20 years of our life, everyone, and some of us even more. We had an old proved system which had been working for more than 10 years, but the time had come when we had to go to the next level because of cumulative set of problems in the current system. This task was huge in size, but it did not make sense to delay. And one of our customers had agreed to fund the development of a new enterprise management system from scratch. We still decided to do this job. But this document is not about a particular, though not trivial, having a large number of tasks, comprehensive enterprise management system. It is about the development environment for this system and any other systems that greatly simplifies the development process and reduces its time. We called this development environment Java Enterprise Developer Framework (JEDF). Using JEDF increased the efficiency of the application system development by several times! We think that JEDF will be useful not only for us but also for other developers.

1.2 Briefly about problems in our system that drove us to this development:

1.3 Identified problems allowed us to formulate the requirements for the development environment, we need to create application systems. Requirements were formulated to eliminate such problems at all. Here are these requirements:

How to install JEDF.

Framework presentation.